Written on March 15, 2024
Introduction of an Automated Parking System at Chichiri Shopping Centre

ICON Properties plc (ICON Properties), is a property investment company, incorporated in Malawi on 4th June 2018 under the Companies Act 2013 as a private limited company, and later converted to a public limited company on 8th November 2018. ICON Properties was formed with the objective of owning, leasing, managing, and developing commercial, industrial, and retail properties. Among some of the properties under ICON Properties are Chichiri Shopping Centre in Blantyre and Lilongwe City Mall in Lilongwe.

As part of ICON Properties’ ongoing commitment to enhancing its facilities and delivering an outstanding experience to users, the Chichiri Shopping Centre has undertaken a transformative shift of its parking system to an automated parking system.

The new system, designed to ensure a seamless parking experience, will involve a modest fee structure based on the duration of vehicle parking. The initiative aims to discourage non-customers from misusing the parking facility, enhance mall security through the installation and monitoring of security cameras, and, most importantly, create a more enjoyable shopping environment for customers with increased availability and security in the parking spaces.

The income generated from the paid automated parking system will be used to improve the maintenance of the car park and reinform the security system.

Customers who fail to pay their parking fees will be directed to park at the defaulters’ parking until their parking fee has been sorted.

The automated parking system will be fully operational from 25 March 2024. Awareness communication of the system will be shared through various media platforms.

ICON Properties is committed to continuing to improve its facilities and to providing a great and safe shopping experience.

Below is the Customer Journey from entry to exit.

Entry Into The Mall

  • The Customer drives into the mall, upon arrival at the ticketing machine, the system cameras capture the Customer’s Vehicle Registration Number
  • The Customer collects a ticket from the ticketing machine.
  • Upon receipt of the ticket, the barrier automatically goes up to allow the Customer to utilize the shopping facility

Payment of Parking Fee

After the Customer makes the necessary purchases at the mall and is ready to leave, the Customer will have to settle the ticket bill through several options provided:

  • The Customer can settle the bill in cash or utilise a VISA Card at our centrally located cashier kiosks at the mall – at the foyer of the main entrance to ShopRite and at the food court.
  • Digital platforms – The Customer can pay using TNM Mpamba or Airtel Money by dialling *4555*02#  and following the instructions.

After settling the bill, the Customer will be given 20 minutes additional time before exiting the mall. After 20 minutes the system will start charging for another cycle.

Exiting the Mall

Upon arrival at the Exit Terminal, a camera reads the Customer’s vehicle registration number. Once the system has confirmed that the plat number has settled the bill, the barrier goes up to allow the Customer to exit the shopping centre.

In case the camera is unable to read the plate number, the Customer gets an option to scan the ticket on the exit ticket machine, which will make the barrier go up and allow them to exit.


If for some reason the Customer does not settle the bill and tries to exit, the barrier will not go up. The Customer will be requested to park in the defaulter’s parking areas to settle the bill. Parking fees will apply while the Customer is at the defaulters. After the payment, the Customer can proceed to the exit barrier and scan the ticket at the machine. The barrier will open, and you can proceed to exit.

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