Pooled Funds

We manage assets for pension funds that are managed as pooled funds. The pooled fund offers an efficient and cost-effective way to gain access to a wide range of investment opportunities, We conduct bottom up and top-down research which enables us to construct an excellent investment portfolio that generates competitive and sustainable investment returns..

Corporate Fund Management

We provide investment management services to companies and institutional investors. These funds may be excess funds the institution may have and wish to invest in a fixed deposit account on short term basis. We have breadth and depth of investment expertise across all major asset classes: government securities, bonds, loans, and equity.

Segregated Funds

We manage distinct funds operating as entities with separate investment mandates. Trustees are appointed by the client and the Investment Manager manages
the fund in accordance with an agreed upon client mandate. We offer excellent investment management guidance and solutions based on thorough understanding of our clients. We provide quality and timely reporting to Board of Directors/Trustees of the Segregated Fund. Reports submitted include investment performance reports, financial statements, and management reports.

Corporate Share Portfolio Management

On share portfolio we purchase and manage the shares on behalf of institutions. We recommend the shares after thorough research and analysis of the stock stock market, with your approval we purchase the shares and maintain records, collect dividends and report to you. We provide extensive quarterly reports on how the portfolio is performing.