What is money market fund?
The Money Market fund is an open-ended mutual fund which allows clients to invest in short term and long-term interest basing assets, such as treasury bills, notes, or commercial papers.
What is Share Portfolio Management ?
NICO Asset Managers supports investors with the process of buying and managing shared on the stock exchange, allowing them to achieve their long term goals.
What is Private Wealth Management ?
Private wealth management is an investment advisory service, which includes financial planning, and portfolio management. It allows an individual to access dedicated advisors who tailor investment solutions that match the individual’s affordability, goals and risk appetite.
What is Pension Fund Management?
NICO Asset Managers serves pooled and segregated pension funds by investing their contributions into various asset classes to achieve a return.
What are Transfer Secretarial Services?
NICO Asset Managers provides transfer secretarial services to companies that are listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange and also those that are unlisted but under our management.