We have raised capital of over K20 billion for various companies in Malawi operating in banking, hospitality, manufacturing, telecommunications, property holding, motor vehicle distribution and audit through various instruments such as commercial papers, floating rate notes, bonds, subordinated debt and equity financing. We draft term sheets, prepare information memorandums, conduct due diligence reviews, conduct road shows to meet with various investors, facilitate the execution of subscription and facility agreements, settlement of funds and management of the facility during its life.


The company manages assets on behalf of clients in excess of K160 billion. These assets are in various forms namely equities/shares, government securities (Treasury bills, RBM Repos, Bonds), deposits (various institutions), property (direct and indirect) and loans/corporate bonds.


NICO Mozambique – NICO Asset Managers carried out economic research on Mozambique. Further research was done on the insurance industry and its prospects. A business plan was developed for the establishment of the company. The company was capitalized with USD 2.5 million and commenced operations in June 2012.

NIKO Africa Investment Limited – NICO Asset Managers was involved in setting up a special purpose vehicle in Mauritius. The company worked with Maitland Mauritius Limited, management consultants, and ensured all regulatory conditions by the Financial Services Commission were met. The company was awarded initially a Global Business Licence 2 and this was later converted to Global Business Licence 1 as the company was tax resident in the country.


The company has been involved in valuations of unlisted companies in insurance, manufacturing, financial services, broking and telecommunications.


The company developed a money market nominee fund that has grown from nil to in excess of MWK18 billion in a space of five years. The nominee fund allows individual and companies to invest in money market placements in Malawi.


The company publishes the most comprehensive economic research report in Malawi. This report is published monthly and provides readers with a clear review of the economic environment in Malawi and its outlook. Included in this report are summary highlights on Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The company has extensive databases on economic data. Research information arises from Reserve Bank of Malawi, IMF, World Bank, National Statistics Office, Malawi Stock Exchange, Economist Intelligence Unit.



Our investment approach is entirely guided by the needs of our clients. We conduct extensive investment research to identify winning strategies. We develop objective and customized investment strategies that enable diversification as we strive to minimize unsystematic risk and therefore consistently achieve competitive and sustainable investment returns. Stages as stipulated below;

  • Client needs
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Diversify
  • Consistent Returns


The investment philosophy of NICO Asset Managers is to achieve competitive and sustainable risk adjusted investment rate of returns by:

  • Reliance on in-depth investment research
  • Pro-active investment management
  • A focus on risk management

Investments are managed in accordance with predetermined investment objectives, asset allocations, risk profiles and regulatory requirements.


We are inspired by every client who entrusts it with their funds. Our belief is to grow and protect the value of our client`s investments.

Integrity is not just how we define the core driver of our investment expertise, it is the heart of every investment strategy and policy that we develop and implement. At NICO Asset Managers we believe in reaching the ultimate wealth management objectives of our clients. Here we don’t just look for value; we create value because we know that our clients cherish and believe in the value we create for them.