NICO Asset Managers provides clients with independent valuation advice be it for purchase or disposal of an interest in an existing business, financial reporting, liquidation, or acquisition. We employ independence and objectivity which enables our professionals to provide unbiased value opinions. We incorporate valuation techniques that meet international standards and provide unbiased opinions that provide a fair value that will save you time on closing deals.


Clients may require additional financing to fund operations or capital investment. We evaluate alternative sources of financing to meet your financial need. We strive to understand your business and analyze the capital structure in light of changing financial market conditions to offer the best capital raising solution. We utilize our extensive network of financing contacts both locally and internationally and ensure you get the best financing terms and options for your business.


NICO Asset Managers carries out economic and financial feasibility studies on behalf of clients to determine availability of market, level of competition, new products viability, and investment profitability potential. We develop financial models and projections to assess the planned activities.


We provide advisory work relating to mergers and acquisitions. We conduct comprehensive analyses of proposed merger and acquisition transactions, positioning you to make informed decisions in the interests of your stakeholders. We take time to understand your business plan with an aim of seeking out and executing the strategy that best meets your needs. We analyze the structure and potential synergies of transactions, and assess short and long term strategic options to maximize shareholder value. We assist in obtaining regulatory approvals to allow for a smooth transaction.


We conduct due diligence on behalf of clients that are looking to invest in a new market, sector or company. Due diligence adds value by focusing on key factors likely to affect the decision to proceed with a transaction. In a rapidly changing regulatory and operational environment, we are that trusted and experienced advisor that will allow you the freedom to focus on other areas of your business.


We assist clients in new company set up in both local and international markets. Our approach involves thorough market research, liaison with regulators and other authorities, and drawing up and implementing business plans. Our extensive market research and timely delivery enables you to make rapid and informed decisions while at the same time allowing for a smooth company set up process.